Bisync: What are the consequence of using a backend that only support Read ModTime?

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According to Overview of cloud storage systems, different storage backends support different ModTime modes. The bisync command needs that the backend support ModTime to work (otherwise you will get the error: Failed to bisync: modification time support is missing on pathX).

  • Could anyone tell a little more what are the practical differences or consequences of using a backend that supports R (read-only) vs. R/W ModTime? Maybe give some examples/limitations to clarity it a little.

Thanks a lot!

Did you read the part on the docs as that gives some more details?

Are you looking for something else? Is there a specific back end to compare?

Yes, I read that, but still a little confused about the practical difference between using a backend with read-only ModTime vs. a read-write ModTime one. Could you put an example with any use case or the difference? What could be the limitations?

In particular I'd Iike to compare Storj with GoogleDrive for bisync.

Thx :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what else to add.

Read only updates when uploaded.

R/W can generally update without re uploading it.

That impacts how source and destination could handle things.

Best to just test your scenario with the dry-run flag and see what it’s going to do.

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