Beta Testing: Seafile backend


After a few months of work, I'm happy to announce that a Seafile backend is now available for testing.

It has been tested with Seafile 6.3, 7.0 and 7.1 - but it won't work for versions below 6 (which is more than 3 years old...). Encrypted libraries are supported :+1:

It's available in the the latest beta :slight_smile:

See the docs here:

Sorry you can't include links in your posts discourse is telling me; so you'll have to google it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

[ncw] have edited the post to put some links in :slight_smile:


Hi, i've upgraded your account so you can link. Nice work on Seafile.

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seafile already support webdav and s3.

what method of integration did you use?

It's using the Seafile REST API, so you also have access to the files in an encrypted library (something you cannot get from webdav)


I just want to say a big thank you to @creativeprojects for delivering a really great backend which allows you to access all the features of the seafile server, all the versions, encrypted or not! :smiley:

Thank you very much for this, it is working great for me. One thing that would be great (I may have overlooked it if I did I'm sorry) is allowing this to work with Seafile's two-factor authentication like the CLI can. If this could be added somehow, that would be great. Cheers

You are right I overlooked this detail.
I'll have a look at it :slight_smile:



I was looking at it over the week-end. I think the best way to do this is probably to login once with user/password/2fa code, then store the authentication token in the configuration. There's no need to keep the user/password.

  • It can't be done at config time rclone config:
    By the time you finish the configuration and connect to a remote, the 2FA code is likely to have expired.
  • It can't be done via rclone authorize either:
    It works at the backend level, not at a remote level (I guess it only works for services with a unique endpoint)

What could be the best approach for this?

  • Change the way rclone authorize works and allow a remote as a well as a backend?
  • Create a new rclone 2fa command? (making it generic enough to be re-used by other services if needed)

this would be great.

seafile use "Users can use the Google Authenticator app on their smart-phone to scan the QR code"
almost all websites use this 2fa.

i would be glad to beta test.

That sounds good.

Shouldn't rclone config be prompting you for the 2FA code? That is possible in the Config callback.

rclone authorize prints stuff for you to paste into your config file normally...

Though it could have a subcommand rclone authorize 2fa quite easily

If we could make a generic oauth+2fa framework that would be really useful! I don't know enough about it to know how hard that would be though.

I'll just note that we have the backend command framework now, so you could do a backend specific command (take a look in the drive backend if you want to see an example).

rclone backend 2fa seafile: code-or-whatever

That's interesting: I was looking at the Config callback but I could only find it called from the authorize command which is not what I wanted. I should investigate it more as it could just be what I need

That's also very interesting, I didn't know yet :neutral_face:

It certainly gives you a place to prompt the user for stuff. Take a look at the onedrive backend where it is used extensively.

I only merged it last week so I think you are excused from not knowing about it!

That's right, the Config callback is exactly what I needed. I have it working now :slight_smile:

I'll update the documentation and send a PR :+1:


By the way, I forgot to mention 2FA login is now available in beta :+1:


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