Best way to store/monitor rclone traffic on linux

Since google drives 750G upload limit I wonder what would be the best way to get overall daily rclone traffic.

On my sync server I just query vnstat but cant do that on my main download/upload server since I would need per app monitoring.

@ncw do you have any idea how to do it, beside parsing log and storing info from there.

You can do this with iptables - set up a rule to match the user that you run rclone with - this will count bytes for you.

That stil might not work for you though…

You could set up a proxy for rclone to use and get that to do accounting.

thanks will try to do it.

@ncw does google api support any kind of query how much upload was made or shows any kind of quotas.

I don’t think it does count uploads or do quotas.