Best way to mount drive from remote server?

I see rclone supports sftp and network share. What would be the best way to setup a remote server to mount for plex?

Isn’t sftp slow? If I did network share would that have to be through a VPN to hit the remote server? Is there anyway to replicate gooogle drive performance?

Is it easy to do with Synology products?


that highly depends on:

  • number of endpoints
  • bandwidth available at the endpoints
  • capacity needed
  • number of concurrent streams

could you elaborate on your planned setup?

50/50mpbs at cloud location and 75/75mpbs at plex location.
4x 720 streams concurrent.

I was thinking of getting this for the cloud location.

Synology DiskStation DS1815+
8 x SATA III HDD / SSD Drive Bays
2.4 GHz Intel Atom Quad-Core CPU
2GB DDR3 Memory

since the plex location would be limited to 50mbps by the cloud location, why not put everything to cloud location and have super-fast local I/O?

I have everything local too for super fast local I/O. This is just me trying to create a gooogle cloud clone for myself.