Best way to include the command (with all flags) at the beginning of the log?

Is there a good way to include the Rclone command with all the flags at the start of the log?
So the log includes:

  1. "What command was run exactly" (full command with flags)
  2. "What rclone did" (the normal log)

I'm using both Bash on macOS and PowerShell on Windows.

add -vv to your command

Isn't -vv just a short flag to get the DEBUG log?

I'm using the INFO log. The debug one is too long and unreadable for everyday use.

Why isn't the -vv flag listed on Global Flags ?


There is no other way from inside the rclone. You could append you command to the log from your bash script maybe.

If you think that something is missing please feel free to improve it. Documentation PRs are more than welcomed.

And I agree with you. It would be nice if in INFO log full command is logged the same as in DEBUG. Not sure if others agree with it.

If you think it is worth give it a go and modify INFO logging. Should not be very difficult.

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