Best way to download 15TB of backed up data back to synology

is there a way to bypass the 750 gig quota limit google has per day to redownload data?
i need to redo my Raid on synology i have backed up my stuff trough the years but it would take me like 16 days to redownload everything doesn't make sense ? does Copy data also count as quota ?
just trying to find the easiest way to restart from scratch.

thanks !


It's was 10TB download per day. 750GB is the upload quota.

oh damn sorry i tough 750 was for both ways , well that isperfect with rclone i should max out my speed and 10TB a day would be perfect !
any specific settings i need to be aware of ?
atm im using -v -vv --fast-list --drive-chunk-size 1024M --verbose --drive-acknowledge-abuse


thank you

I tend to change very little unless I'm seeing a problem.

More is not always better. 100 transfers and 100 checkers is probably quite bad and will end up being much slower.

I start with defaults and adjust based on what I'm seeing.

thanks for your swift response !

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