Best way to convert encfs to crypt?

anyone have a best way to convert from encfs to crypt? i've got about 50TB of data i've been putting up with ENCFS but it's been causing issues lately, I am thinking swapping to crypt should speed things up.

Mount the encfs and setup the new remote. Then rclone copy from: to: with the required flags.


I was hoping someone had some script that would manage the 750G daily limit.

You have to read and write again in the new format all data. I'm sorry for that.

I don't have an issue with that I was just looking for an all inclusive that would just handle the 750G daily limit and re-sync again when the limit was reset. Maybe I'll write something unless someone comes up with something. or how others are managing with team drive for a few users I have a few drive accounts i could use but i am not exactly sure how that all works.

Best bet is to limit the bandwidth using bwlimit and just let it run 24x7.

I rather spike it for 4 hours end the process, then spike it for another 4 hours the next day atleast it won't tie up resources, the other issue is based on the CAP it will take me about 53 days to convert the data :frowning:

How does rclone handle if a file changes while it's trying to upload will it skip and just error the file and move to the next or end the process, I'd like to continue letting the box gather files as ENCFS as the conversion continues for the next 60 days otherwise I need to not update my media for the next 60 days (that's tough)

If a file is changing, it would note that is being modified and skip it.

Best is a term that you'd judge. Running a single process and letting it run for 60 days and re-running 1 more time to catch changes is simple to me.

Running it 60 times is a lot of work.

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