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I've started syncing to google drive (gsuite), and after 750 gbytes of upload i get googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded., userRateLimitExceeded

What are the best settings to avoid this, while uploading as fast as possible? (i have 300 mbits/sec upload)

You will want to avoid hitting the rate-limit as that acts as a temporary ban, so will get your maximum throughput over time if you can stay under that limit.

To do this - there are a few inbuilt parameters you can use. You can find them here:

I am spesifically talking about the bwlimit and max-transfer parameters.

bwlimit will cap rclones bandwidth, so you can easily math out what is a safe 24/7 speed (I think around 8.5Mbit?). This might be an simple and easy solution if if it fits your needs.

max-transfer will actually error-out rclone when it hits a spesific size limit and stop transfers. Keep in mind this is limited to a single rclone instance - so it is not so useful if you do many separate sync operations during a day because rclone won't remember from last time. If all your quota is swallowed on a single big daily sync though then it will be perfect.

Hope that works for you. Hopefully we can get more elegant solutions in the future. If google would just let us poll how much quota we have left this would be simple - but of course they want to be vague about it...

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I know the official line is that the daily limit is 750GB, but it actually seems to vary ...

Cycling through 20 service accounts, I could see when the limit kicks in and it varies between 730GB and 760GB oddly enough.

--max-transfer 725G therefore works perfectly as each service account terminates itself and the next one continues transferring :slight_smile:

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Be aware that all currently transferring files will complete after the upload cap is reached. This might account for your discrepancy if you usually upload very large files.

For example you can upload a single 1TB large file no problem despite the 750GB cap. You just won't be able to upload anything after that.

I don't know the EXACT limit (and I don't think anyone does as this is has to be determined from experimentation and can be changed without notification by Google) but 750GB is the generally accepted limit so far.

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