Best Mount Settings for GDrive

Hi, I was wondering what other people have set for their google drive mount settings, i’m mostly going to be using this to stream music via plex. I literally am just using a regular mount with no arguments right now and it’s fast but there is still a few seconds before it loads the first song.

Plex and GDrive with rclone is kinda tough at this point as the way plex scans with rclone mount until they finish up the caching for the filesystem.

There is a pull for that but you might be better off using one of the gdrive-fuse solutions that are out there other than rclone.

I was planning to test one of those with an rclone encyrpted mount once my copy finishes up from ACD to GD.

You probably won’t have the best experience with this. It just takes too long to start streaming a file. You’ll end up waiting a couple seconds between songs. You’d have to have a MASSIVE music collection to justify putting it in cloud storage.

That’s actually exactly the reason that i want to, i have over a TB in music. haha might be a better fit. That works by doing some local caching for small files and I’ve been testing it for plex with an encrypted rclone mount.

Pretty good so far, but only a day or so of testing in…

Would you mind sharing your command of how you mount an encrypted rclone mount with it? How has it been working for you lately?

Sure. I posted in another thread, but this is what I’ve been using with 0 bans, tons of API hits and insanely good results. Once all loaded up, it runs a Scan Library in minute or two with ~1400 movies and ~13k TV shows. For the ocamlfuse, you can tweak a few things but stream_large_files is the key.

felix@plex:~/scripts$ cat media_mount
# Mount GD Fuse
#/usr/bin/google-drive-ocamlfuse /GD -o allow_other,auto_cache -headless -debug >> /home/felix/.gdfuse/default/mount.log 2>&1 &
/usr/bin/google-drive-ocamlfuse /GD -o allow_other,auto_cache -headless -verbose >> /home/felix/.gdfuse/default/mount.log 2>&1 &
sleep 2

# Mount the 3 Directories via rclone for the encrypt
/usr/bin/rclone mount \
--allow-other \
--read-only \
--default-permissions \
--uid 1000 \
--gid 1000 \
--umask 002 \
--acd-templink-threshold 0 \
--buffer-size 100M \
--timeout 5s \
--contimeout 5s \
--syslog \
--stats 1m \
-v \
media: /media &

# Wait a sec
sleep 2
/usr/bin/unionfs-fuse -o cow,allow_other,direct_io,auto_cache,sync_read /movies=RW:/media/Movies=RO /Movies
/usr/bin/unionfs-fuse -o cow,allow_other,direct_io,auto_cache,sync_read /tv=RW:/media/TV=RO /TV
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How are you doing this?

I’m doing the same and my ocamlfuse mount drops all the time :confused:

It worked fine for like less than one hours when i was scanning for movies, but now it’s too unstable can’t even scan my tv shows library

In the config, I only changed:

max_memory_cache_size=10000000000 #10GB max
memory_buffer_size=8388608 #8MB

I can see when my first scan goes, it hovers ~300Mb/s for a few hours :slight_smile:

i did the same modifications but my mount drops all the time.

are you using scripts too?

Thank you mate, I’ll give this a whirl. Also just out of curiosity if I had my library in sync with both ACD and Google Drive and ran the scans manually ONLY in ACD and then switched the mount to Google, would that work and help me avoid API bans?

You could do that but it sounds like a real pain even if automated.

You can, but sounds like a pain.

Also, ACD doesn’t support mod times so flipping back and forth between the two is annoying. Plex uses the mod time to figure out if it needs to scan.

Okay that will be something I can try if ever in a pinch. Google just seems to queue everything up much faster than Amazon but I can live with it for the time being until Amazon either speeds up or goes down like last week or we get a proper fix here. Cheers.

hmm, for whatever reason it’s working pretty well for me 1-3 seconds on t he first song then if you’re listening to an album in sequential order it’s actually instant. I made my own api key like in the documentation and I haven’t hit the limit yet.

I did however sync about 50% of my library with acd first and then switched to gdrive because amazons speeds have been very sporadic lately.

could you please describe the logic of your script?
if i did not understand it right please correct me

  1. first you mount google-drive-ocamlfuse using fstab for mountpoint /GD (if yes what is fstab line for mount point? coz i don’t see -label option in this line)
  2. and after that you sync by rclone (using its config for api to access same google drive account) from remote media:!!! to local folder /media
  3. and after using unionfs-fuse you mount two remote folders /movies=RW:/media/Movies=RO to mount to local folders /Movies

what is first step for if mountpoint is not used further?
could you advise is logic of your scrip suitable for syncing local folder to remote folder?

I’d suggest to make a new thread as this one is well over a year old and isn’t close to anything being used now.