Best Cache for Plex

Hi, I’m new on rclone and I follow a tutorial to get Plex working with rclone and GDrive, so it works great, but when I play any video, it takes about 15 - 20 secs to start and sometimes it freezes downloading data, the actual config is:
–log-file ${LOGS}/rclone.log
–log-level INFO
–umask 022
–fuse-flag sync_read
–tpslimit 10
–tpslimit-burst 10
–cache-dir ${UPLOADS}
So if I put cache-mode full so it will caches in disk the entire video I’m playing, all files in gdrive or only a chunk of video? With this option in “full” I’ll watch without freezes or load the video faster?
Sorry my english I’m Brazilian.

That’s incredibly small. You should move that to 64M or 128M.

Are you using your own rclone API key?

What version are you using?

You can remove:
–fuse-flag sync_read as that won’t do anything unless you compiled your own version.

So I’ll change the chunk size
Not using own API key, I leave client_id and secret blank, it’s better to create my own?
Using the latest version 1.45
ABout cache to disk, so no need?

Yes, it’s better to use your own client id.

I would not use vfs-cache-mode at all.

Thanks, I’ll try, how can I test if I create and copy and paste the correct client id?

I’m not sure what that means.

I’d run rclone config and re-enter the items in there and not edit any files manually.

You will need to reauthorize when you update the client id… I’m not sure if that is implicitly done when you use rclone config command.