Bandwidth limit per file with rclone mounts

Would it be possible to have a flag to set a bandwidth limit per file, or any way to make rclone operate in "real time" as much as possible, with no kind of buffering?

My use case is that I want to have 200 files open, without having buffering issues. If I could apply a bandwidth limit per file I'd not have spikes and could calculate how much files open I can have

You can set --buffer-size 0 to remove internal buffering. That will help make the bandwidth limiter more accurate.

You can't currently limit individual transfers though.

Is there any chance it can be implemented ?

It would really help with use cases like, real time streaming, ensuring every file is reading at the desired speed, avoid traffic spikes, etc.

In my use case it's more important to make sure each file is being read at a constant speed than trying to buffer it

If you like you can make a new issue on github with the feature request.

@ncw would a bounty of $100 USD in bitcoin help fix this issue ?

The first step would be to make a new issue on github to discuss the feature. I think a bandwidth limit per file would be reasonably easy to implement...

The issue already exists :

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