Bandwidth limit (--bwlimit) timetable bug?

I have rclone 1.36 running on Linux and I believe there’s something weird going on with --bwlimit.

I’m uploading a lot of data to ACD and have it set to limit 1M after 22:00 and 500k after 5:30. I’ve had an instance of rclone running for some time; this morning I was up early around 5:00 and looked at my DD-WRT bandwidth graphs and noticed transfers were getting limited to about 500kbytes/s. So I killed rclone and ran again without --bwlimit and transfers were running at about 768kbyte/s which is the max of my connection.

So I killed rclone and ran again with --bwlimit and saw it limiting to around 500k again. Then I saw this:

 /usr/sbin/rclone sync --transfers=2 --old-sync-method --bwlimit "22:00,1M 05:30,500"  /NetworkShare secure:Backups
2017/05/12 05:09:59 NOTICE: Scheduled bandwidth change. Limit set to 500kBytes/s

Shouldn’t it be set to 1M if it was 5:09?

I don’t think times wrap. I bet this works:

–bwlimit “00:00,1M 05:30,500 22:00,1M”

but i do agree that it should work like your example at least per the docs.

I wonder if it is getting confused on the order. I have mine set like you do but with the correct order.

–bwlimit “05:30,500 22:00,1M”

Yes maybe that’s it. Now I’m wondering if I had it set that way originally, because this used to work.