BackupScripts combining Rclone and Restic

Hi guys,

I joined the forum a fortnight ago because I am enthusiastic about Rclone as a backup tool. I started with the great scripts from Wolfv under the Github project "rclone_jobber". For those interested, you can find it under this link: GitHub - wolfv6/rclone_jobber: An rclone script to perform backups.

However, this did not fulfil all my wishes. On the one hand, I had problems with too long paths when transferring encrypted file names and on the other hand, the versioning provided in Reclone is only very rudimentary. Last but not least, I use Unraid and didn't want to install rclone on my host directly, but use the docker container of rclone.

I'm sure I'm not alone with the opinion that the projects Rclone and Restic complement each other perfectly. So I started to create my own small project and a combined solution.

For this purpose I created a Github repository and wrote a manual for the setup. Maybe it meets the expectations of one or the other.

You can find everything under this link: GitHub - DavidKrGH/BackupScripts

It's not a pure Rclone solution, but I hope it's still welcome here in the forum.

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