Backuping VMware ESXi snapshots

Hi guys, I have some VMs on my server, and I want to backup snapshots of systems regurlarly.
I tried to run rclone on VMware SSH wit installtion from pre-compiled source, but I failed on non-existing mandb command and on “Killed” error after it.

Do you have some any ideas or can you help me with it? I don´t have any other backup space :confused:


You dont really need mandb

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:, bur I am still Getting the “Killed” error :confused: I read that this error can be problem with small rám, But I don’t knoe how much rám is dedicated for Vmware core system (i have 32GB on the server), and I don’t know how much RAM Rclone needs.

But thanks for you answer again :slight_smile:

Maybe @ncw will know, never tried to use rclone on esxi os level.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: I will wait for him, I Hope he will reply.