--backup-dir command does not create backup dir on the fly with google drive


I have dropped plan to use Microsoft onedrive for backup as onedrive is not case sensitive.

Now i am using google drive for cloud storage.

i use below command to sync my data

rclone sync /backup/test remote:backup/weekly --backup-dir remote:backup/incremental/date -I

However i notice that date -I directory is not created on the fly when i execute above command.
Instead i have to manually create date -I directory using rclone mkdir date -I command and only than above rclone sync command works.

With microsoft onedrive date -I directory was created on the fly with rclone sync command.

Is this normal.

I’ve tested on Google Drive as that’s what I use and works fine for me. I ran a few times.

What’s your actual command you are running and the actual output with -vv on it?

What version of rclone are you using?

I tested with:

rclone sync /home/felix/scripts GD:backup/weekly -l --backup-dir GD:backup/incremental/$(date +%Y-%m-%d) -v -P

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