Backing up owners and permissions of files from google drive

I have a setup where I'm backing up data from google drive to amazon s3.
I am looking for a way to keep track of whom a file is shared with on google drive so that when a file is restored using rclone, it can be shared with the appropriate people. Is there any way to achieve this?

I considered trying to lookup the meta-data of files on the drive as well (like who owns it) but haven't been able find a way to do that either... any ideas would be appreciated.

The command I'm currently using is:

rclone copy drive-remote:/ s3-remote:/my_bucket --drive-shared-with-me

I'm using the --drive-shared-with-me flag because I'm using a service account to help backup data for several users.

Thank you for your time!

rclone can't do that at the moment, alas.

I was thinking you could find a tool to save and restore the ownerships.

This tool might be able to do it

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