Backblaze : Sync with Versioning

I know that B2 has Versioning as a feature. Yet, I am unable to see any versioned files on Backblaze.

I was wondering if I am missing some kind of flag that would insure such versions are created or if sync does not support the versioning feature of B2.

This is my CLI command:
rclone sync --log-file somefile.log --config rclone.conf /home data-drive-crypt:

What sayeth the group?

rclone v1.37-121-gfe536f3fβ

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.9

Check your bucket’s lifecycle settings and ensure that it’s not set to “Only keep latest version of file.” I think that should be the only reason you aren’t seeing file versions. fwiw, I can confirm that file versioning is fine with rclone as I run rclone sync and file versions are kept as expected.

Thanks for following up on the post. Yes I have double checked that and it is set to “Keep all versions” which is the default behavior. See attached.

Rclone creates versions by default

However you are using crypt which adds a small complication!

Normally you would use --b2-versions to see them along with ls and this will work fine on the underlying encrypted remote, however it won’t work through the crypted remote. I haven’t figured out a satisfactory solution yet.