Backblaze B2 subfolder creation

I am moving my backups from ACD to B2. I am having a problem with the creation of sub-folders in the B2 bucket. I finding that rclone will not create a sub-folder. I have create a folder in my bucket called Pictures, then executed the command

rclone sync -v /mnt/freenas/Pictures B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures

Any files contained in sub-folders with the /mnt/freenas/Pictures are not placed in the corresponding sub-folders in B2 bucket. They are renamed and placed in the B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures.

I have tried modification to the rclone command such as

rclone sync -v /mnt/freenas/Pictures/ B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures/

Any ideas as to what the issue is? Both above commands work fine when accessing ACD.

Are you saying that using

/mnt/freenas/Pictures/subdir/pic.jpg gets synced to B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures/pic.jpeg

Because what should happen is

/mnt/freenas/Pictures/subdir/pic.jpg should sync to B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures/subdir/pic.jpeg

Can you attach a log file (made with -vv) of the problem happening?