Backblaze b2 humming along as a replacement for ACD

People were using google compute (300$ trial credit) and scaleway to transfer their data from ACD. I’ve no experience with either but there are plenty of posts with details and tricks.

Is this documented anywhere? I couldn’t find it.

Documented anywhere? There might be a bug filed on rclone’s bug tracker. Or maybe a thread mentioning it.

I can tell you what happens though:

rclone does filename encryption locally, so they turn blah.jpg to klajsdfkljaklsdjfaklsdfj. B2, when versioning is enabled, appends server-side a “-olderversion-date-time-stamp” onto the old file. It becomes something like “klajsdfkljaklsdjfaklsdfj-July_1_2017_10_35_12”

Whenever rclone goes to read it back, it tries to decrypt “klajsdfkljaklsdjfaklsdfj-July_1_2017_10_35_12” filename using the key, but then garbage is returned from the decryption and so you see a message, “invalid filename, skipping…”

Is this what you wanted to know? rclone could fix this (perhaps by enabling versioning via a switch) to recognize when a plaintext date is appended to an encrypted filename. Maybe process “normally” and the code path that would normally call the error message, instead “walk backwards looking for a -”, then decrypt the original name, keeping the date/time for the local destination…


That is correct though. not with crypt…

Can you make please make a new issue on github with that in? I don’t think there is one and it catches people out regularly.

The crypt module could peek at the --b2-versions flag maybe.

Alright this is done


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Is there a way to have the data compressed before encryption? I like the BackBlaze B2 solution very much, and I add encryption to it, but I seem to be missing the option to compress the data. How may I do this?