B2 Errors and uploads

I am using FreeNAS 11.4.1 and I have having issues with rclone and B2.

first is this error:
2020/07/30 18:40:54 ERROR : \mjdc01backup: Failed to copy: "\mjdc01backup.bin" too big (8798240510000 bytes) makes too many parts 41954 > 10000 - increase --b2-chunk-size

so then i tried to raise the chunk size to 1 gigabyte and i get this:
2020/07/30 18:47:31 Failed to create file system for "remote:mjcres/": b2: upload cutoff: 200M is less than chunk size 1G

I have also opened a ticket with backblaze. right now I am trying to figure out where the error lies.

That is an 8TB file - is that correct?

--b2-chunk-size 1G
--b2-upload-cutoff 1G

Together should work I think. Note that it will use --transfers * 1GB of memory

The upload cutoff should probably auto adjust I think rather than error out - what do you think?

The machine in question has plenty of ram so using a gigabyte i no big deal. For whatever reason if i try to go above 200 megabytes i get the error that whatever value higher than 200 megabytes is lower than 200 megabytes.

Can you share the full command you are running and the -vv log of the output?

Just set --b2-upload-cutoff to the same value as --b2-chunk-size and it should work

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