B2 downloadUrl: is it constant for a bucket?

This isn’t specifically related to rclone, but I’m hoping to find someone who might have an answer to this technical question about B2’s platform. I tried contacting Backblaze support but they didn’t seem super confident in their answers.

Can anyone with B2 experience confirm that the base downloadUrl (something like xxxx.backblazeb2.com) will never change within an account (or at least within a bucket)? I can’t find any specific references to this value being constant for an account/bucket. In a scenario where you have a public bucket for a large repository of images referenced on a website it would be extremely problematic if the base downloadUrl ever changed (either for existing or new files added to a bucket).

It would make sense to me that it never changes. If you look at this post

The whole article doesn’t make sense if the URL is liable to change.

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You’re correct, but that really only touches on individual files that have already been uploaded to B2. The whole article is geared towards looking up a resource via the B2 web interface and clicking on the info icon to view the URL. It certainly would be logical that the base URL for a bucket wouldn’t change, but I can’t find any documentation that specifically makes that statement.

I was more just looking for assurances from someone who has been using B2 for a couple years.