Automated synched backup from RPiB3+ to AWS-S3

Dear all,

Could someone find a little time to walk me through setting up an automated sync between a drive connected to my RPi and my S3 bucket ?

Heres the situation :slight_smile:

  • Am running a Nextcloud instance on a RPi3B+ (debian stretch linux system)

  • The Nextcloud instance is synched with several devices, and backs up all the data from these devices.

  • The Nextcloud data is stored on an external 1To USB drive.

  • I would like to automate a synch between this external drive and my aws-s3 bucket in order to have a duplicate of all data stored from Nextcloud to the external drive.

  • Preferably a background job running daily around 4 am, and updating only what has changed (new files/folders and modified files/folders)

I beleive Rclone would be a good tool to do this.

Unfortunately I still unsure how to set this up and running…

Help would be greatly appreciated !

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Good morning,

Is my question too tedious to answer, or is rclone not the appropriate tool ?

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Seems like it would be a fit.

You can check out rclone sync

That keeps A in sync with B.

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Excellent. Thanks for your contribution.
I shall explore this.

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