Auto settings selector

As I see, one of the most popular topics is setting optimal flags for higher speed up/down.
Tasks mostly identical, not more than maybe 5.

Why not add an automatic calibration mode when the software is left overnight and iterates over various combinations of flags and their values. Generates files of various sizes and transfers them back and forth. And in the morning the user will receive a log and recommended parameters. In the quality of templates, use the configs that have recommended themselves in the forum.

--auto-tune gdrive-upload
--auto-tune webdav-sync
--auto-tune --chunk-check-threads=[0-1-15]1 --chunk-load-ahead=[1-1-10] --chunk-load-threads=[1-1-10] --fast-list[t-f]

something like this..

Probably a job for a little script which could spit out the best settings. It isn't a straightforward job though!

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