ATTENTION: calling everyone who's ever got a ban on Google Drive

Hello folks,

As per my github post here, I started getting the error “403 Forbidden” on all my attempts to read files from my Google Drive account using rclone, but accessing them over the web interface seems OK.

Is this a ban? I was under the impression that a Google Drive ban would also affect the web interface?

If you have ever got a ban on GDrive, can you please post your experience, specially on what error rclone started returning, whether it affected the web interface or not, and how long did it take for the ban to be removed?

Thanks in advance,


i experienced the same some days ago, for some time the web seem to work, but get thousands of 403 error trying to sync.
It was a ban, after a while, also can not download from the web.
so 24 hours to wait… sorry

24 hour ban give or take, it can differ slightly.

You can still access your files from the web interface but it should not let you download a file and may give you a small popup that you quota has exceeded for that file (or something like that).

Hello folks,

OK, just reporting back: it was indeed a ban. The files seemed to be accessible: those non-encrypted were viewable on preview, and I thought that this was enough as I wanted to avoid dowloading them if possible (internet link was very busy at the time). In the end, when I tried downloading them, I got the dreaded Download quota exceeded for this file, so you can't download it at this time. message).

Now, 24 hours after, it seems to have passed so I’m diving back in again.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on this.