Asus rt-ac85p openwrt router & rclone

Hi everybody!
I don't have any problem with rclone, only need some suggestion.

I ordered above mentioned router and I want to know is there somebody who using rclone with OpenWrt?
Because I used rclone with S912 tv box (CoreElec) but it have 3GB memory so vfs-cache flag not a problem with that but when streaming its using about 80-120MB of memory in htop.
(and of course I'm using rclone in servers too but they have enough capacity)

But you know that router have only 256MB so vfs-cache into memory is not an option. I'm going to use the rclone movie streaming with Kodi, and it has his own cache/buffer (in advancedsettings.xml). I'm not going to use any copy, sync, etc command, just want to mount my cloud and set to SAMBA or/and NFS share then the devices can reach the mounted drive.

So any suggestion to not run out of memory? Because I see some topic here who running out of memory but they using copy,etc commands too. Thank you!

hi, have you tried to search the forum?, there are a number of posts about running rclone on routers, including openwrt.

for example,

and it is important to understand, that there are two vfs caches.
vfs dir cache use memory
vfs file cache does NOT use memory, does use local storage

Thank you for the fast reply! I'm used the search of course but maybe wrong searching words because what I'm find topics people are"struggling" that router memory running out because rclone copy,sync etc. commands. I'm going to try out above suggestions, thank you! I'm going to hang on the router an 2.5" 500gb hdd so I hope it's enough for cache and 4K movies.

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