Ask for password and standard output

Thanks for writing rclone!

I wonder if there’s a way to divide somehow the ask for password and the stdout of rclone.
The point is that i want to write an output in a log file like that: “rclone […] >> rclone.log”.
But this way “Enter configuration password:” goes to rclone.log and the program obviously hangs out (waiting for a password).
Also, “–log-file” doesn’t work for me. I’m using rclone sync, and get the following error (in my successfully written logfile though): “rclone.log: corrupted on transfer: sizes differ 441 vs 608”. So, it tries to write and sync the file at the same time i suppose.

BW, is there a way to cache a password, like git does for example? Sorry if i haven’t read the man/questions attentively.


I’m going to add this to the docs - does that help?

If it is safe in your environment, you can set the RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS
environment variable to contain your password, in which case it will be
used for decrypting the configuration.

You can set this for a session from a script. For unix like systems
save this to a file called set-rclone-password:

#!/bin/echo Source this file don't run it


Then source the file when you want to use it. From the shell you
would do source set-rclone-password. It will then ask you for the
password and set it in the envonment variable.

Yes, that helps – Thanks!
Would be nice addition to docs.

Done! Will be on the website after the next release.