Are there any performance or capability comparrisions of the various cloud providers?

Has anyone done, or seen any, performance comparisons for rclone between different cloud providers? I have lifetime unlimited Google Drive from my college but I'm not a huge fan of Google. Thinking about BackBlaze but only if there isn't much difference/loss in features/performance. Unless there are better ones. This is purely for encrypted storage of my files/photos -- around 1.2 TB.

i get much better performance from wasabi, tho you have to pay for it....
wasabi is a s3 clone known for hot storage.
recently idrive started a s3 rclone, also for hot storage, and its performance is a bit slower than wasabi but seems to be cheaper.
the problem is gdrive is all those limitations, especially for a large amount of small files like photos.

What limitations? I didn't know Google Drive had limitations?

really, a large chunk of this forum is about gdrive limits.
api limits
transfer limits
trying to work around the limits.
arguing over the what the limit values are.
complaining about limits.
GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too

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Laf. Yeah, I am not a fan of Google. Will check out Wasabi. Thanks!

By the way, I love the screen name!

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