Are "ALL" the decrypting informations are stored in rclone.conf?


I successfully uploaded files and folders with rclone on my backblaze b2 remote, with the crypt remote i created.

I noticed i can't create folders, but i think it's a backblaze b2 thing anyway work well.

Now, i'll start using it and I wonder what I need to backup if i want to be sure to never lose the decryption capabilites.

I tested with copying only the file rclone.conf and starting again on a new machine with a new rclone installation, and if i tell rclone to use the .conf i saved, i retrieved all my remotes and can download an uncrypt everything without even asking a password.

So it look to be solution, however, I want to know more about what is happening inside, to be sure i'm doing the things correctly.

First, I set up only one password (a simple one..) when creating the crypt, is this password the key for all? Or others informations (what i guess), are stored in the .conf file? If others informations are stored, can i separate a save file to have the "RSA key like" file for decrypting my files later?

I'm really worrying about uploading tons of encrypted data (that will be my one and only storage, !) and not being able to retrieve them.

My idea is just to create the crypt remote and save several copy of the .conf file, and always upload with this .conf file, is that okay?


You don't really "need" the conf per se if you know the passwords you used as you can recreate the conf file with them.

You could keep the passwords in a key manager/password manager like LastPass/1Password and do it that as well.

With the rclone.conf, it gives anyone access to your files so be sure to keep that safe.

As you had suggested, the only thing needed is to backup the rclone.conf as it's all self contained if you want to go that route.

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