API gdrive will not work with rclone

sorry my English is not the best .... I have Plex running on an external Server using rclone to mount gdrive. It all worked fine until now. Now I have errors. I can generate a new Client ID and secret in my G-suite but i cant get it work with rclone.
Im trying with via ssh terminal to edit rclone config with the new client Id und always get stuck when rclone says:

If your browser doesn't open automatically go to the following link:

Log in and authorize rclone for access

Waiting for code...

This link will not work :
I always get a error page. Same when I directly fill in the client ID & secret.

Is there a other way of getting access to gdrive?

What can I do?
Thanks for helping.

Create the config file on your PC and then just copy it to the server. So you can log in and authorize

How can I do this? I do not have root access to the Server where Plex & rclone are running.
Is there a way of coping the file via ssh?

This page might help:


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Made my day!

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