Anyway to see size left?

I am running a lonnnnnnng rclone sync to convert from encfs to crypt and obviously i've had to start and stop it a few times so i am unsure of how much data is left to transfer at 750g per day i am estimating about 30 more days left of non stop transfering but ideally i'd like to be able to see size wise how much data is left to be transfered is there some sort of feature like this?

Hmm, I can interpret your question two ways, so let me answer both.

A way to see remaining available quota? - no. Not on Gdrive at least (which I assume from the 750GB limit).
You can use the new flag


to stop the transfer when it reaches the upload quota though (rclone will give an appropriate message also if this happens). This is much nicer to the server than just hammering it with requests for hours until the quota resets.

A way to see how many GB/files are left to transfer? - yes.
You can just use the flag
--progress (or just -P as the short version)
to get a status indicator that will tell you all of this stuff.

If you are transferring more than 10.000 files and want an accurate status then you may also have to add:
--max-backlog 999999999
Otherwise the stats will only be accurate for "the next 10.000 files" and can therefore lead to questions of "why does my size remaining keep going up as I transfer?"

Warning - enabling this (max-backlog unlimited) takes some memory (which is why it is not unlimited by default).
Not a lot, but for something like 100.000 files it may take 100-200MB to list them all... that sort of size-range. not a problem in most cases, but if you had 10 million files maybe not so smart, or if you tried to do it on a small VM with limited RAM....

I was looking for the second one and --progress seems to show me the individual file timing but not the remaining sync eta of the overall whole dir.

It definitely should show the total ETA for all files in the transfer.
While it is a fairly primitive estimate (basically average speed compared to total data-size remaining) it should be very roughly accurate'ish, especially for larger transfers where spikes and dips even out statistically.

If you are sure it does not show - can you post a screenshot?

you are not using a very old version of rclone by chance?...
check with command
rclone version

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