Anyway to disable Rclone from deleting local files?

Is there any way to globally tell Rclone to never, ever delete local files? I understand that only specific Rclone commands can delete local files (like sync), so one could argue that just don't use those commands. But it worries me that Rclone has the ability to mass delete local files, and it would be a disaster if Rclone accidentally (whether due to user error or bug) deleted my local files.

There isn't a current way to do that and if it was a flag, not sure the person trying to mass delete would use it.

You can't always prevent everything.

rm -rf *

Is an old Linux thing that every sys admin at some point has deleted the wrong thing with. Certain distributions tried to add -i as a default to make it interactive and generally everyone just removes the alias..

That's disappointing. Any appetite to have a 'lite' version of Rclone that disables the ability to delete local files?

I'd say super unlikely. You could build your own custom version though and remove certain things you don't like.

I'm not the end all / be all here too as I'm just a single voice like yours but you can't always prevent a user from doing something silly.

Those things you tend to protect with permissions on a local file system if you don't want folks to delete things.

For sync, you can use something like max-delete I suppose to make it 1 or something. There are quite a number of ways to delete though so a creative user can really do a whole lot.

Depending on the OS, they could do the rm -rf * I was talking about or delete a folder as well.

Fair enough. I am just a bit freaked out about having a binary that can literally destroy mission critical files with a few keystrokes (I am on Windows, not Linux).

So don't run:

rmdir /s C:


You'll find a huge number of programs / drag n' drop things that can delete a whole bunch of stuff on Windows.

If you aren't running the binary as administrator, you''d be hard pressed to delete mission critical files.

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