Anyone with a GSuite for Business account want to trade an account?

I have a Gsuite for Business account, but would like some redundancy.

Anyone in the same boat, and want to swap an account on my domain for an account on yours?

Having my backup on the same domain seems like a dumb idea.

Here :slight_smile: more Details on PM?

I am not sure, but I read about google banning accounts too because they accessed the @GSuite one from the same PC…

Doesn’t make sense. A person working for a business can also have a personal email with gmail. confused


but it could be two accounts joined together somehow…

I will link if I find it…

Where did you read this?
It seems very unlikely.

Sure. I think he means the fast user switch functionality available on all google apps via the webbrowser.

Google links your browser-session to those accounts, therefore is able to link your ebay and legitimate account together. If you used them in the same session-

Does not mean it get’s banned. My guess is everything at google works with some sort of reputation. For sure got you a negative score. Next time you flood the drive api may be another red flag and so on…

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I think that was the problem. The user combined the two accounts and google baned the private one too.

So don’t combine the two, and/or don’t violate their TOS :slight_smile: