Any way to set non-backend flags/options via file?

Is there any way to set options like --exclude ..., --track-renames, --max-size 10M, --modify-window 5s in a conf file or something to make scripting cleaner?

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Thanks ... is that something that already works, or a future enhancement?

Future enhancement.

You can set them as environment variables too which may be suitable



I tend to do that for scripting if I'm running multiple rclone commands.

Is there an advantage to using RCLONE_ environment variables over aliases, say, alias rclone='rclone --progress --modify-window 5s?

Depends on what you are looking for really and what the use is.

If you are running interactively all the time via that command from a shell, an alias seems like a good fit.

If I have a parameter I want to use all the time everywhere, I might set an environment variable.

Like I use a config variable:


and that works as I want everything to use that.

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