Any way to move instead of copy files into cache-tmp-upload-path?

I was forced to rebuild my cache database due to the automatic cache-tmp-upload stoping uploading, plus quite a few folders I was unable to purge from the cache.

But now I’m stuck with a 4TB cache-tmp-upload folder which is going to take a very long time to recopy into the new cache-tmp-upload folder. Is there any way to just move it into this new folder, or other tricks to cicumvent this big copy job?

Finally done :pensive:

Transferred: 4352.415 GBytes (43.539 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 1461
Transferred: 1459
Elapsed time: 28h26m5.2s

It would be nice for some solution or workaround for this in the future.