Any way to get output from job?

I made a feature request for this but probably should have asked if it was possible first. I didn’t find one on my own though.

I run rclone on a headless server that has a webui. When running a sync or copy job, I’d like to be informed on the progress. Right now, I have to keep a terminal open or somethings. Is there some way to get output as to what the job is doing? Things like current file, percentage complete, stuff like that? The only way I can think of is to grep the output, a pain, and also does not provide overall completion progress. Maybe stdout or more environmental variables? I don’t know much about working with stdout.

What do you want the output for?

Most of that info is in the log - in particular the stats which are printed at 1 minute intervals by default.

You could use --log-file to send it to a file then tail that file?

rclone doesn’t compute overall completion progress. I suppose it could give an estimate for some types of transfer certainly.

The log file might fit the bill, at least partially. I’ll have to take a look at that.

Really, I just want some kind of way to get more information on what it is doing, especially how long the sync will take. It isn’t always necessary. I mean, I set it up on a headless server and just kind of forget about it. Ideally, a sync job won’t take that long anyway. But, for instance, on my initial setup it is transferring terabytes of data, some of the files being quite large and when there is no resume capability, well, it would just be nice to have more information to plan for things like server maintenance and reboots, etc when job completion time can be in the days, weeks, or months time frame. That way I could write a plugin for the webui of my server to display roughly how long the job will take, how long the current file will take, how much has already been synced, etc to better inform decisions to stop a job or not. That sort of thing. The “it’s done when it’s done” way can sometimes make those kinds of decisions frustrating or difficult.