Any suggestions on the best Rclone setup nowadays to avoid API bans via Plex/emby?

finally have my new fancy server... want to test out rclone again before i give in and just use plexdrive 5 like i always end up doing : (

anyone recommend the best rclone command / setup... for a massive gdrive library encrypted with ENCFS.... one that would avoid the api bans (usually takes me like a week and a half to re-import everything on a new server) via plexdrive.... one reason i'd like to try rclone again... see if i can get that down a bit... ; (

i have plex and the os on a super fast nvme drive so not really looking at filling it up with cache (im still unclear on how the rclone cache, if used, actually works anyways.)

ive been using unionfs to merge the local and remote dirs... but i have no need for that (dont use sonar couch potato etc) and would kinda like to get rid of that layer on this build/server... as i wonder if its causing me the long scans/imports.... try as i might i could never remove that unionfs layer and still have plex or emby see the media mount : (

anyways... just looking for the current suggestions for an rclone setup/command that avoids the api bans and is as fast as possible.....


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