Any problems with rclone and MEGA?

I've been looking into maybe using MEGA, and I just read this from rclone's documentation on its MEGA remote:

This backend uses the go-mega go library which is an opensource go library implementing the Mega API. There doesn't appear to be any documentation for the mega protocol beyond the mega C++ SDK source code so there are likely quite a few errors still remaining in this library.

Does anyone use rclone with MEGA? If so, have you actually run into problems, and if so, what?

I don't really care about the duplicate files thing ("Mega allows duplicate files which may confuse rclone"), as I don't intend to let that happen in the first place.

The mega backend does work. It works best as an rclone mount as starting a mega backend does quite a bit of data transfer.

There are some odd corner cases though to do with shared files and things like that.

You can set up the megacmd to serve webdav and rclone can use that which works quite well too:

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