[Answered] Rclone Sync leaving empty folders

Hi everyone,

I want to sync an entire folder on my PC to my Gdrive.
I’m using this command:

rclone sync “B:\Data” GDRIVE:PC/Data -v --backup-dir GDRIVE:PC/Old --transfers=32 --checkers=64 --drive-chunk-size=16384k --drive-upload-cutoff=16384k --bwlimit “12:00,1.4M 01:00,off”

However rclone doesn’t make the destination equal to the source.

For example I used to have this folder with photos on my PC:


With folders in it sorted by year (for example \Trips\2017)

However I merged that entire folder with another folder containing photo’s also sorted by year and I just made 1 new, large folder.

So now


Doesn’t exist anymore on my PC because all the files are in


Rclone successfully moved the photo’s in \Trips\ to a special “Old” folder and created the \Years\ folder putting all photo’s in there correctly. However the old (now empty) folders are all still in Gdrive.

How do I make rclone also get rid of those empty folders?


Completely missed that.