Another Help request Topic - SeedBox - ACD - VPS Setup help needed

So I need some help setting up my Cloud based media server. Currently I have a seed box with feral hosting and a VPS with VPSDime. What I want to do is, use my seed box to download TV Shows and Movies with Sonarr and CouchPotato respectively, rename them, encrypt them, and push them to my Amazon Cloud Drive account. Then on my VPS I want to set it up to mount the ACD folder and decrypt the files to PLEX on the fly.

As it stands; I can currently download the media to the seed box with the programs and encrypt them to ACD with the general rclone commands; e.g. “rclone sync /media/6950/USERNAME/private/acd/TV-Shows secret:/secret” and I can pull and decrypt them with a similar command on the VPS. Right now my issue is I can’t wrap my head around using Rclone mount to mount the Decrypted directory without downloading the files themselves.

Sonarr on seed box downloads Supernatural to /USERNAME/private/deluge/data/
Sonarr proceeds to rename file to correct filename e.g. Supernatural – S00E00 – Episode Title.mp4
Sonarr moves file into TV-Show folder /media/6950/USERNAME/private/acd/TV-Shows/Supernatural/Season 00
Rclone encrypts directories and files and uploads them to acd:/secret

Now this is where I’m having my issue.
I want the Encrypted acd directory to be mounted on my VPS using rclone mount and unionfuse so I can combine my Movies and TV Show directories
Then decrypts the directory so that PLEX can see and play the files.

Sorry if it is confusing
Any help would be appreciated.