Annoying folder name bug

So i just found out a bug that goes as old as from last year. When you mkdir to rclone folder either with or without cache in google drive if the name of the folder ends with a dot(.) or space ( ) it will be shown incorrectly in many many apps.

root@jupiter:/mnt/Plexdrive# mkdir ‘test test.’
root@jupiter:/mnt/Plexdrive# mkdir 'test1 ’
root@jupiter:/mnt/Plexdrive# ls t*
test1 :

test test.:

Looks ok right? Yes. But only in this terminal and in google drive app. In other app such as plex web, plex server, mounted via samba v1, v2, nt such as in solid explorer, the folder name became garbage. See pictures.
So i found out as early as November or December last year version of rclone has this bug because the folder that i did ‘rclone move’ all had the same problem.
If we remove the dot or space from the last part then all app such as plex will be able to see the correct name. Annoying because i have to manually rename lots of folders of movies and tv shows from last year.

I think this is a limitation of windows rather than a bug in rclone:

Do not end a file or directory name with a space or a period. Although the underlying file system may support such names, the Windows shell and user interface does not. However, it is acceptable to specify a period as the first character of a name. For example, “.temp”.

Those file names are fine in Linux/macOS.

I think the funny names you see are some part of Windows masking those illegal file names.

Are you running rclone mount on windows? In that case rclone could remap the dodgy file names somehow… Or maybe there could be a flag to remap the file names…

I run 'rclone mountv on linux and then share it to my network via Samba. Other linux boxes, android tv and apps shows garbage name… Only google drive app shows the name correctly

Hi, we have exactly the same issue using rclone 1.41 on Windows. A flag to change incorrect filenames would be great.
Regards, Peter

OK. If one of you would make a new issue on github with a link to this forum thread I can make a new --vfs flag, maybe --vfs-windows-filenames or something like that.

I think it would probably work like some other parts of rclone translating the bad characters to and from similar looking unicode equivalents.

I just created this

Hope it’s good enough

That’s great - thank you. An issue gives us something we won’t forget!