Android test build - executable's TLS segment is underaligned

Have been using rclone on android for a while now. I recently upgraded to Android Q (Android 10) and i'v starting to see this issue. i can't get rclone to run now on android. I was downloading this:

The error i'm getting is:
executable's TLS segment is underaligned: alignment is 4, needs to be at least 32 for ARM Bionic

I've seen info on the internet that it may be related to go. but not sure. Any ideas?

Might be an upstream bug? I see others reporting this.

I created an issue for this as it looks to be a bug.

There was a thing in the go release notes for go1.13:

Which kind of implies that go programs compiled with previous versions aren't compatible.

That version you linked was compiled with go1.12

I'll reply further on the issue

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