Android crypt app

was just thinking i know amazon has a app for backing up photos and what not and so does google but none are encrypted as far as i know. would be kinda cool to have a way to upload photos from phone using something like rclone to a crypt remote. just thought it would be really cool but i understand if that will never happen.

If I had infinite time I would do such an app!

However you can use Termux in the mean time. rclone runs under Termux and you can write shell scripts etc which you can run.

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Not quite what you are asking for. But I let android upload my photos like normal with their API and their google photos app. Then I use rclone through-out the day to gather those uploaded photos and ‘move’ them to my encrypted shares. So while they are on there temporarily they do get stored permanently within an hour encrypted in multiple places. I run this job on my server at home. Works really well.

That is a sweet setup!

I do the same thing, but only once per year when I backup all the photos on my phone to my local server.