Amazondrive and case-insensitive issues

So, backing up my server to acd has issues with case. I’ve narrowed it down to 407 errors, but I can’t sync due to the errors, and there are a few of the files that won’t copy that seem important. Most aren’t, but a few seem to be. So I was thinking… if I back it up with paths and files encrypted, will that solve the case issue? Running it through my head, it seems that would work, but my question is… are the encrypted paths case-insensitive??? Or are they random enough to not create issues? I guess I could just try huh? Thoughts?

Yes it will, except for if you have any really long names - crypt expands the file name lengths by 8/5 and amazon limits them to 280 chars IIRC.

Yes they are - they effectively turn a case insensitive file system into a case sensitive one.

Thanks for the confirmation, and the info on ACD character limit! I applied some brain power, and after seeing how the end result of encrypted paths worked I figured I was correct in my thinking. But it makes me feel better you confirmed. I was worried encryption mixed upper and lower case, but I see now it just uses lower. That’s a big win win for backing up Linux systems! I was starting to wonder if ACD was even going to work for me due to that.

Now if we could figure out a way to save permissions! Lol

It seems path encryption is much slower I’m finding. On like 40 hours backing up the 20G debian OS for my server. I was also surprised how little CPU it’s taking. I would have figured the encryption would have taken more CPU. I’m not really sure why it’s so slow exactly, but meh. Not in a hurry, and low CPU is good. Only seems to be using 10% of my upload bandwidth. But whatever.