Amazon server side copy

quick question.
When doing a copy from amazon to encrypted amazon should rclone be downloading and uploading everything? just done an rclone --transfers=30 copy acd:TV to eacd:TV and it has downloaded everything before re-uploading it again. is this normal? I kinda expected as it was amazon to amazon it wouldn’t need downloading. Its done now 3tb took a little over 36 hours through my server. If i had realised i would have used scaleway.
would be good to know if i have to do it again at any point.

This is normal behavior. You’ve moved from a normal directory to an encrypted directory. All encryption happens client side so that the server is not able to know what is in the encrypted folders. This is well documented and has been answered numerous times.

Thanks for the clarification, i guessed it would me cocking it up somehow :slight_smile:

Also, as per:

ACD doesn’t support server-side moves.

I think you mean server side copies. ACD does support server side moves.