Amazon S3 vs ACD vs etc

I have around 250GB to backup, and I’m using encryption, if that matters at all. With the posts from people saying Amazon locked out their account, etc., I started wondering if it would be that much less risky to use S3 instead.

ACD is $5/month. S3 for 250GB is under $6/month. I would assume Amazon’s not going to give anyone any crap for anything they do on S3 because you pay for everything. Has anyone else given this any thought?

I’ve only heard of 1 person saying they got banned from ACD. I’ve had my account locked, but that was due to having 2 IPs accessing it at the same time - the system marked it as sharing and automatically locked it, quick phone call and I was good to go again.

I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about getting your account locked, but you can never have too many backups. I’d get at least 1 other place to back it up to, maybe one of those $5 ebay google drive accounts as your data is encrypted.

I got that covered. I’m paranoid about data loss and have a copy on optical media at work in my desk. However that doesn’t get updated often, hence the online auto backup.

I’m likely a blip on their radar screen with only 250GB, seeing all the posts about multi-TB uploads.

Yup, i’d imagine you are not going to be accessing the data multiple times a day, every day either. That is what happens when people stream plex, upload data etc.