Amazon no such host

copying to Amazon was running fine in the background when all of a sudden it stopped.
Getting the following error:

Failed to copy: Post dial tcp: lookup on no such host

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Hetzner server
Amazon cloud drive encrypted
CSF installed. Port+IP allowed

sudo rclone sync --transfers=10 --bwlimit 70M

DId this just happen or is it a regular occurence?

Reason I ask if Amazon was down for me too about 10 minutes ago (6:15 - 6:45 Eastern Standard Time).

It just happened 20 minutes ago.

Everything is working fine again. Sorry for my impatience

There are quite a few reports of this on the forum so I’m guessing it was an Amazon problem. Can’t see any other reports though.

Happened to me yesterday too. So it was a problem with Amazon.

yeah amazon was having some server issues