Amazon Drive - trash purge coming in 30 days

I received a note from Amazon that there will be a high priority purge of the Amazon Drive Trash bin.

This only affects rclone users inasmuch as the default action for rclone when it deletes files is to put them in the trash.

So if there are any files you think you need to keep in the trash, then now would be a good time to rescue them!

– Nick


Thank God! I’ve got over 200,000 files in my amazon trash, and I can’t delete them. Some of them are over three months old, so they aren’t even aging away.

I really hope amazon opens the trash up to API calls. I know it’s not an rclone issue, but it is annoying.

Appreciate the heads up.

I wonder why this is needed, considering trash is removed after 30 days automatically.

Thanks for the info, i noticed many deleted files in my bin and i didn’t always understand why. Under what circumstances does “rclone move” put files in the ACD trash?

It might be possible to delete trashed items with the current API - I haven’t figured out how, but if you fancy having a look:

If rclone overwrites a file it will go in the trash I think. It is possible failed uploads go in the trash too.

The trash purge never came. Amazon also isn’t deleting my old files. I can’t make heads or tails of the api. Did any progress get made on ACD empty trash??