Amazon cloud drive return to unlimited plan?


This morning i check my account and i seen i have possibility to active my plan to unlimited…but on june it’s say stop to unlimited plans…

Amazon Drive offers an Unlimited Storage plan to meet your data storage needs. For information about the available choices or to upgrade or cancel your subscription, go to Manage Your Amazon Drive Storage Plan.

Eligible Prime members can also store an unlimited number of photos, plus 5 GB of other types of files, at no additional cost. For more information, go to About Prime Photos.

For more information about storage limits, go to About Amazon Drive Storage Limits.


Thanks for reply,

When I go to select a plan, it still shows tiers based on storage size.

I have a real strange problem … my plan is still unlimited - showing next billing is dez. 2017 … !

They did not cancel my Amazon unlimited ! (German account)

I think I’ve heard some place else that non-US (or for some of the countries) accounts are still unlimited. Maybe they don’t have so many “offenders” there and this will last for a lot longer, maybe they didn’t get all the legal and translations together and they’ll kill it next week…

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I don’t remember whether my account is based in NL or in Italy, however I still accessed it through the US one and mine still shows it’s ending the unlimited plan. I’ve literally just asked them how to cancel the subscription in advance as I moved over to Google Drive for Business. A friend of mine though, in the UK, has never received any alert on the plan changing and after reaching out to he was told that they are not planning on changing the plans over there.

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In Canada, is always unlimited…i confirm.

But rclone not working :frowning:

I think amazon just filled their "over"-capacity on old and already bought HDDs -
because storage market /technology will explode soon with huge SSD drives :

50 TB on normal formfactor - 100 TB already planed ..

This will really hit the (cheap?) and nearly unlimited storage market.