Am I understanding O365 Home costs correct?

If I read correctly then for US$100/year I get 6 accounts and each account gets 1Tb of space.

So that’s effectively 6Tb of space for $100/yr ?

The only complication, of course, is that it’s not 6 contiguous Gb of storage, and data may need to be balanced across 6 drives :slight_smile:

This sounds like good value for money. Am I mis-understanding?

Would be nice if the union remote would allow us to set quota on each and use many remotes as one. Then it would look like one contiguous space.

I think mergerfs can do that if you mount them separately and then pool them.

I’ve not used one drive with rclone. Don’t know if you can simply share the folders to make instead and have rclone treat it as the same remote. Kind of contiguous storage then.

I don't know what to say but I don't think it will work that you got 6tb in one account, I recently download office 365 free then I log in to the admin portal and i get only 1tb of storage.