Am i stupid or what should i type to get what i want? Copy folder->folder

So i want to copy something from a remote to local drive.
I want to copy remote:folderX to C:\folderX

I believe rclone does exactly what its supposed to but im just trying to find the best way for my case cause i do this quite regularly.
In the above example, right now i will wrie the following command:
rclone copy remote:folderX C:\

what i want is the folderX+contents to be created at C:
with this command i get all the files from remote:folderX spread out on C:\

Do i use the copyto command?
rclone copyto remote:folderX C.\folderX ?

If i do this, i must create C:\folderX before i do the copy? or does copyto command create folderX?

I hope i make sense, thank you

  1. should be rclone copy remote:folderX C:\folderx\. rclone will create C:\folderx\

  2. when testing commands, use the flags:
    -n, --dry-run Do a trial run with no permanent changes
    --log-level string Log level DEBUG|INFO|NOTICE|ERROR (default "NOTICE")

  3. so use a command like this
    rclone.exe copy remote:folderX C:\folderx\ --dry-run --log-level=INFO

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Thank you, this did what i want